Why List?

<img source='pic.gif' alt='buy or sell cemetery plots.' />Selling burial property without advertising is next to impossible. In the past, your only option was to place a classified ad in the local newspaper. Unfortunately, this is no longer a practical option. The cost of running an ad in the newspaper is just too high. Many newspapers charge $50-$100 for a tiny 3-5 line ad that would only appear for a few days. Then you would need to place the ad again. At these prices, you could end up spending $300-$1,000 to have your ad in a major newspaper for one month. And including a photo would make it even more pricey!

Not only that, but most newspapers have no category for listing cemetery property for sale, so your ad is mixed in with a plethora of other types of miscellaneous ads, making it nearly impossible for a qualified buyer to find it. Moreover, so many more people search online for their information and purchases these days, traditional classified advertising is truly a thing of the past. It only makes sense to list your cemetery property online.

On GraveSales.com, you can list your grave plots, cremation niche, mausoleum crypts or lawn crypt for a full year for less than it would cost to place the same ad in many newspapers for a month. And our active marketing programs drive traffic to the site.  We actually pay to find people for you; people who are looking to buy burial property. In other words, for an affordable and effective classified ad designed to help you sell your cemetery property fast, there is just no better option than GraveSales.com! It’s easy, affordable and effective!

What sets us apart from the other guys?  We are glad you asked. 

  1. We pay to find buyers for you! – We share our daily marketing budget between finding sellers like you and finding the interested buyers you are looking for.  In other words, we try just as hard to find buyers of cemetery plots as we do to find people wanting to list their plots with us.  We think that is only fair. Other sites have so many listings, yours would likely be lost in the shuffle of hundreds or thousands of competing sellers.  I would be curious why they have so many listings if their site helps you sell.
  2. We have a strict vetting process! – Every inquiry that comes in through our site, comes straight to us and we have a verbal conversation with the inquiring party to make sure they are a legitimate purchaser. We do this to avoid scammers and keep you safe. All we ask is that you do not put personal contact information in your ad, so they need to go through us to contact you.
  3. We do NOT charge commissions! – The only payment to us is a nominal monthly fee. Some companies may charge a much larger listing fee, or a huge commission when your property is sold.  Other companies have extremely outdated sites.

Simply put, your best bet for real exposure to buyers looking for cemetery property is GraveSales.com.