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<img source='pic.gif' alt='we can help sell burial property.' />As a rule, cemetery property prices (graves, plots, cremation niches, mausoleum crypts, lawn crypts) increase at an astronomical rate, often doubling every 7-10 years. Many modern cemeteries have become nearly impossible for the average family to afford at the time of need, and in addition to the grave plots, you will likely need a burial vault, memorial stone, opening and closing, setting fees, processing fees and any other items a cemetery may have a charge for; not to mention the casket and funeral services or cremation fees a funeral home charges for. The average person responsible for the payment of final arrangements is hit with a massive bill if these and other final expenses are not pre-paid. In order to remove as much burden as possible, we recommend that once you have purchased your burial property on GraveSales.com, you contact the cemetery where the property is located to not only transfer the property into your name, but also inquire about the many other cemetery and/or funeral expenses you may need. Most cemeteries and funeral homes today allow you to prearrange the additional items and guarantee the costs against future inflation. They’ll even let you pay over time if you wish. We highly recommend you do this, as it removes a terrible financial and emotional burden, at the time of your death.

Fortunately for you, many people have purchased cemetery property before need and no longer want the plots they own. They may have moved away, changed their mind to cremation, decided to be buried at a National Cemetery, or perhaps they inherited the graves from a relative and never wanted them in the first place. Whatever their reason, they are now owners of these grave plots that are worth thousands of dollars and left wondering, “How in the world do I sell my grave plots?” Cemeteries, typically do not buy them back and you can’t blame them. After all, they are in the business of selling burial property, not buying it. With the ever-increasing rate of cremation, many cemeteries have more plots than they know what to do with. The last thing they want is to buy more of them. This leaves the plot owner in a tough position of owning something worth thousands of dollars that is quite frankly, very difficult to sell. That’s where we come in.

GraveSales.com was created for the sole purpose of connecting people who want to sell cemetery plots with those who are looking to buy them. Our goal is to make it as simple and affordable as possible to list your burial property for sale. Then, by promoting our site with sophisticated marketing efforts, we create the traffic you need for the right buyer to find your ad. Our marketing programs are concentrated, smart and ongoing. We have decades of experience in the cemetery and funeral industry and we know how to locate the consumers you need!

Whether you’re looking to buy plots or sell plots, you’re in the right place and we’re happy to help!