How Do I Sell My Cemetery Plots???

This is a great question. I have been working in the cemetery and funeral industry for most of my life and every day, we have people who call and ask if they can sell their burial or cremation property back to the cemetery. Of course, cemeteries are more interested in selling their own property than buying more if it. The fact is, most cemeteries have more plots than they know what to do with. So, selling your graves back to the cemetery is almost never an option. What do you do then? You really only have a couple of options to sell. You can either reach out to your local network of friends and family and ask if they have any interest, which is a long shot, or you can post it for sale. When it comes to posting your plots for sale, your options are fairly limited. Of course, the old method was to place an ad in the local newspaper or thrift ads. However, these are simply no longer any good. For one, the cost of listing your plots for sale is typically prohibitive. Additionall…
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